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Youth ministry dating relationships

We're here to talk about how great, meaningful, loving, and godly sex can be - when done under the right conditions. When someone is raped they don't just experience physical pain. I asked one of my Juniors when they were planning on having sex and they said, "I'm not sure... probably when I'm 22." We got to have an awesome dialogue about God's expectations for his sex life.I met a drunk girl on the streets of my hometown one day while out with a friend. She said, "I've had sex with a lot of people - but I've never made love with anyone." She had decided... There is no such thing as "friends with benefits."The thing is... You'd never compare it to someone who broke their arm once. People who are raped or molested experience physical pain, psychological pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. One of my youth told me a story about a girl who (Before I came to this church) asked, "Where in the Bible does it say that people can't have sex until marriage?Then challenge students to love the person that they're dating.Most of the time we reserve saying "I love you" until things get more serious.I heard the other day that Christians are the best planners.Everything we do is based or ought to be based around one fact: Jesus Christ is coming back.They're definitely your brother or sister in Christ and they only become something more than that once you're married to them.Give students an awesome working definition of love so that they can know how to show love in a godly way.

You want to lay this on thick and protect them from feeling condemnation.I even know a guy who is waiting until marriage to speak those words.Regardless of when you say it - you still need to love them.My four favorite things are Jesus, my wife, Chicago Style Pizza, and fighting off our boys with sweet ninja moves.After hearing the sermon series a few years ago, I bought the sermon series kit from his website; this gave me transcripts, audio, powerpoint, video files, etc, as well as permission to preach the messages and use the series the way Stanley did.and culture had taught her that sex can be purely physical. our culture agrees with this (unless it's inconvenient for them). " And apparently (so the story goes) no one could answer her.Talk about the dangers of lust (checking each other out). Girl magazines have pages called "eye candy" with half naked guys.We also asked them to prepare by reading each week’s discussion guide and to facilitate great conversations by talking here.The DVD includes Andy’s full-length messages, along with a pared-down 20-minute version. If you’re looking for curriculum, this is a great choice.Doesn't Paul say: Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it for the glory of God?We need to teach our students that thoughtless dating is not God honoring.


  1. Relationships matter. They especially matter to young people. Although many youth development programs recognize the importance of relationships for youth.

  2. Building healthy relationships with your students is one of the most important aspects of youth ministry. When a student knows you care about them they are more.

  3. Free Gospel-Centered Resources for Youth Ministry Main. We’re getting tons of hits from people searching for youth sermons on love, relationships, dating.

  4. The Wisdom On. series is a collection of short books making practical application of wisdom literature and other Scripture on a variety of topics facing students.

  5. When I entered youth ministry, I must’ve signed a contract agreeing to teach about sex and relationships every February foreverit’s law!

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