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Who is daniel radcliffe dating 2016

Of course, this leads to the question: How does one just meet Harry Potter and start dating him? He's not really Harry Potter, and it probably sucks to have to forever live with that close association, but I imagine for anyone who dates Daniel Radcliffe, there's a moment where you go, "Holy shit.My boyfriend is Harry Potter." (At least, I would.) So how did Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke meet in the first place?An unverified source said to Hollywood Life: "Daniel recently took Erin ring shopping and spared no expense.Despite the freezing temperatures in Park City, UT, Daniel Radcliffe is keeping warm during the Sundance Film Festival with the help of girlfriend Erin Darke.The actor was said to have gone ring shopping with his lady and popped the question.US sources said the 27 year old "spared no expense" on his girlfriend of five years.The American actress, who was born in 1984 in Michigan, has had a wealthy acting career before and after starring alongside her beau.

Here's a timeline of Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke's relationship based on what we do know: Nov.May 16, 2014 — Radcliffe tells The Daily Beast that he isn't engaged, calls the report "absolute bullocks," and says that a former teacher believed it was real and texted him congratulations.He explains, "I had to text her back, ‘I’m afraid not!As you may know if you're a Daniel Radcliffe fan, ol' Raddy is dating the lovely lady pictured above.Her name is Erin Darke, she's an actress and casting assistant, and she has been dating Radcliffe for two years.Kill Your Darlings, a movie about the young life of poet Allen Ginsberg, is just one of the roles he has taken on since.And it's on the 2013 movie set that Daniel fell for his beautiful girlfriend.Or at least, they leave in a car together following the performance. They bought food and went and sat in the park like it was nothing. And no one knew because he had on sunglasses and a cap! May 7, 2014 — Star magazine reports that Radcliffe and Darke are engaged, that they are headed to Paris to find "the perfect engagement ring," that Rupert "Ron" Grint is going to be best man at the wedding, that it will take place on Lake Michigan, and that Emma "Hermione" Watson has already RSVP'd.For a couple that doesn't give much info to the media, they inspired the most ridiculous celebrity engagement report that has ever existed.This is how a celebrity relationship is done — acting totally cool and giving so little information that the media can only make crazy speculations every once in a while.Daniel Radcliffe is most known for his role in the Harry Potter film series, but the talented 28-year-old has starred in many more film and theatre productions since.


  1. Aug 10, 2016. ; Updated. Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about how he met his girlfriend and how he keeps the.

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