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It then moves on to that most common of dilemmas: what are the rules for dating today? The author also tackles issues such as self-confidence, over-competitiveness and the ever-mysterious Friend Zone.The latter is particularly witty, even offering a checklist of how best to ‘friendzone’ someone – tell them they are a good friend; avoid physical contact; and talk about other love interests. There’s social media, deal breakers, non-exclusivity, cheating, stalking…no stone is left unturned, including the ever-dreaded breakup.Mahdi is also a musician and professional roller-skater. are submitted under the express understanding and condition that the editor may, and is authorised to, disclose any/all of the above personal information to any person or entity requesting the information for the purposes of legal action on grounds that such person or entity is aggrieved by any comment so submitted.

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Her writing journey began with her well-established blog of five years, Thoughts From The Balcony.

She loves to write in an accessible, yet sophisticated, voice and uses her knack for sentence formation to address socio-political issues, contemporary culture and mental health problems prevalent in society today.


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