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Im dating commitment phobe

If you’ve been invested in various people and the hopes and expectations you had for a relationship have to adjust due to practical factors, the disappointment is natural and to be expected, but you have to work your way through these feelings to acceptance so that you can create new hopes and expectations.

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He was so happy, but I didn’t even get a card, which is all I really wanted.So I find myself splitting the tab with him all the time, which I guess is my own fault because I offer to pay half, but sometimes a girl just wants a guy to refuse, you know?On top of that, I pay for gas and buy him small little gifts every once in a while because it makes me happy surprising him.Walk your way through the relationship and work out where you got the illusions from. They seemed so nice and you were looking forward to it?You hoped that this might be ‘it’ and you could be ‘done’ with dating?Disappointment and rejection paves the way to new and ultimately better opportunities…if you don’t spend months or even years avoiding admitting a mistake or accepting that it’s over.The length and depth of the avoidance is what causes a ‘setback’.Whether it’s for a date that didn’t happen, dates that didn’t progress, feelings that weren’t reciprocated, your relationship not working out, or even discovering that someone isn’t what you thought they were, you become fixated on this person (or even a series of people that you thought were “it”) fulfilling your hopes and dreams.By focusing on the person instead of on the bigger picture of your hopes and expectations, you lose hope because the disappointment leaves you feeling like there’s no point in bothering and your ‘last chance saloon’ has gone.When you struggle to let go of someone, there can be sustained periods of rumination and in essence, stewing in what you feel is a rejection of you.If there’s been a series of disappointments, you’ve likely lost sight of you and your values, which means you don’t have the perspective that’s so needed to handle and manage the inevitable disappointments that arise in life.


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